SHARK Pulse Division - Skwal

Thanks to breakthroughs in the study of aerodynamic phenomena, SKWAL boasts a design and silhouette resulting from computational fluid simulations, in the aim of optimizing both stability and soundproofing at high speed. The one-of-a-kind SKWAL lines are reinforced and transformed by 3 embedded LEDs powered by a rechargeable battery. SKWAL is one of the world's first major integrated manufacturers to be equipped with this technology.

  • 1- 1st helmet with integrated LED lights: rechargeable battery (5,000 recharge cycles, 5 hours of continuous operations, 10 hours while blinking).
  • 2- "Autoseal" system: flattens the visor onto the helmet, offers better soundproofing and seals the helmet (against water and cold).
  • 3- Extremely stable, with aerodynamic attributes enhanced by its spoiler.
  • Available XS (53/54 cm), S (55/56 cm), M (57/58 cm), L (59/60 cm), XL (61/62 cm)



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  • Skwal SKWAL BLANK Black


  • SKWAL BLANK White azur
  • SKWAL BLANK Mat Black Mat
  • SKWAL LORENZO Black white red
  • SKWAL LORENZO White Black Red
  • SKWAL HIYA Black Green Black
  • SKWAL HIYA Mat Black Blue Black
  • SKWAL HIYA Mat Black Violet Black
  • SKWAL HIYA Mat Black white black
  • SKWAL WARHEN Black red black
  • SKWAL WARHEN White Black White
  • SKWAL WARHEN Mat Black Anthracite Black
  • SKWAL WARHEN Mat Black Blue Black
  • SKWAL WARHEN Mat Black Orange Black
  • SKWAL SWITCH RIDER White Black Red
  • SKWAL SWITCH RIDER Mat Green Anthracite Orange
  • SKWAL INSTINCT White Black Green
  • SKWAL INSTINCT Mat Black white silver
  • SKWAL FLYNN Black Antracite Blue
  • SKWAL FLYNN Black White Anthra
  • SKWAL FLYNN Black Yellow Anthrac
  • SKWAL CARGO White Black Red
  • SKWAL CARGO White black silver
  • SKWAL CARGO Mat Black Anthrac Silver
  • SKWAL TROOPER Black Anthrac Silver
  • SKWAL TROOPER Black orange white
  • SKWAL TROOPER Mat Black anthrac white
  • SKWAL TRION Black Chrom Anthracite
  • SKWAL TRION Mat Black Violet Violet
  • SKWAL TRION Mat Black Yellow Yellow